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Hey! We're a new platform that makes it easy for you to create and sell Live Courses. Use your own brand. Charge what you want. Have fun sharing your passion!

Easily Build Live Courses & Classes

Why We Build Mastermind

We spoke with dozens of creators, entrepreneurs and next-gen teachers that wanted to share their passions with the world. What we discovered was that existing tools, such as pre-recorded courses, did not create the sense of human connection and exclusivity that comes from LIVE group video learning. 

Zoom is a great start, but wasn't designed for building a paid community.

So we built Mastermind - a LIVE learning platform that integrates with your existing creator stack to help you create classes, courses and run your business by building your prospective customer list and transitioning

members to paid.

Mastermind For You

It's easy to start

Launch a LIVE class or course using your branding and our event templates in minutes

Build your community

Capture registrations by hosting streaming classes to hundreds of participants

Take payments

Easily offer monthly subscriptions or paid access to participatory courses and group classes

Scale your business

Grow your business from one workshop to a live course to an entire branded microschool

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The Future of Learning

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